Royden Josephson

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Hi, It was lovely to meet you today on our flight to Kamloops. Thank you for inviting me to look at your website. What beautiful combinations of colours, geometric and squiggly shapes. Your paintings are mysterious and intriguing. I like your style.
Christa - 7 Sep 2018
Amazing works of fine art. A storyteller of detail and whimsy. I highly recommend!
Shannon Price - 15 Jun 2017
I came across an image of your work in a magazine and was astonished to see you live and work in Ashcroft. I have been coming here to participate in the Winding Rivers Plein Air gathering for the last few years. I would love to meet you and see your work " in the flesh" so to speak. Your work in a word in " sublime".
Lynne Grillmair - 19 May 2016
This website is very interesting to see and visit. article was very interesting to read. I hope the article is posted on this website is useful for readers.
lina - 2 Mar 2016
I'm excited to be a part of the restoration of your 1970 sculpture 'Climax' at the University of Manitoba.
Andrew Lovatt - 21 Apr 2015
I enjoyed a tour of each of your paintings online tonight. What a treat. Some made me feel free, some made me question, some were humourous! Love your work very much inspire me. Some of them make me hear sounds, and music. Quite inspiring.
Carmen - 12 Mar 2015
Loved cruising through your Italy trip. Was a delight and an education. This was the first time I've seen your illustrations for Ben's book. They too are captivating.
Anne McKague - 24 Jan 2015
Nice Works !!!! Grasshoppers really nice!! Thanx for coming to my restaurant Nella !!!
Federico Fattorini - 16 Nov 2014
Royden you are a multi faceted gem.... It is a pleasure knowing you. Carmen
Carmen - 29 Mar 2014
Hello Royden, Thank you for coming into the gallery yesterday. Sorry I couldn't speak with you longer but it was important that I continue with my meeting. We should chat again with regards to a group exhibition at chazou Gallery. Regards, Tricia Sellmer
Tricia Sellmer - 4 Jul 2013
It was great to see more of your work at the 2013 Plein Air showing in Ashcroft. I will definitely have to come see your studio one of these days soon! :)
Tracey Knihnitski - 1 Jun 2013
It is great to see your new works here! I love waking up to your Night Vision series and passing Firesky, Coquihalla, and Cherry Blossom Time during the day!!
Sloane Hammond - 17 Oct 2012
Loved seeing you in San Francisco....and it's always great to see your work.
Sharol Josephson - 2 Jul 2010
Hi Royden, Great to see your work, it's awesome! Thanks for stopping by the gallery today, it was good to see you again! Keep up the good work! & Please, add me to your mailing list. Thanks & Cheers, Kats
Kats Kimoto - 19 Feb 2010
Hi - we enjoyed looking at you paintings at the Sagebrush Theatre in Kamloops. Do you have a gallery/studio in Ashcroft?
Peter & Janet Northcott - 29 Jan 2009
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